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We love houseplants and we truly believe that there is more to life than a plain terracotta flower pot with the interior atmosphere it creates.

This carefully designed wooden plant pot set is a modern take on the classic pot. The openwork rhythm of the lines ingeniously and playfully refreshes the mood of the home interior or public space.

As you can see in the photos, the greenery look elegant and the plants themselves are even highlighted. We call this the perfect blend of elegance, functionality and warm material for greenery lovers!


The full set includes 4 flower pots, each in a different size.

  • Each pot is treated with a water-resistant antiseptic coating
  • There is a small hole drilled in the bottom
  • We have added an insert to each pot, where excess moisture can accumulate after watering the plant


The shape has a multifunctional applicability.
You can beautifully match the pot with any size of the lamps from the Lighting collection or with storage baskets from the Basket collection.
Simple and practical.