It all started when Lelde was looking for an elegant, beautiful and at the same time simple decorative plant pot.

Since the desired one was not found, Lelde decided to make it herself. When the first prototype was ready, we realised that we needed to build a collection with several sizes. A little later, at one point, we discovered that we had created a multifunctional design product. It can also be used very well as a storage basket for various household items – as laundry, towel basket or cosmetic storage. When made a little shallower, they are great food baskets for fruits, vegetables or cookies.

Turning the plant pot upside down, we were surprised that it has also become an elegant lamp!

Currently, 3 collections have been created: PLANT POTS | BASKETS | LAMPS

They are all based on 4 basic sizes, and they all fit snugly into each other.

The products are made of Natural Baltic birch plywood.

CNC Milling is used to make parts, but finishing, coating and assembling is handiwork. And what we think is very important – there is very little waste material in the fabrication of our products as parts tightly fill the standard plywood sheet.

Each product is treated with antiseptic coating to protect the wood from moisture and dirt, but food baskets with a food-safe coating.

Given the nature of wood, each product will be slightly different from each other. No two are alike, but all are made with care!

We are working on new ideas – let’s see what will be the next product or even a collection!