We are wisemakers


These are WiseMakers collections and this is our story of how we got to product collections.

The range of products that you will find here are created by a family company which has fulfilled numerous custom orders since 2008. That was the year when we – Lelde and Janis, both of whom were young architectural students, began to accept orders for architectural models.


As the years passed, orders became ever larger, and there were several simultaneous projects. We found people who agreed with our enthusiasm and relentlessness. We expanded our team and our workshop. We improved our equipment and always ended each new project with new instruments or systems. After five … seven years, our hobby had turned into business with a well-equipped and professional workshop.

We understood that the equipment of the workshop and the skills of the team were very diverse, so we began to ensure free creativity. We began to design and build interior design and art installations to order. They never repeated, and we always had to learn about new materials and technologies.

We are most grateful to our clients, who have entrusted us with designing and producing their non-standard visions. That has allowed us to gain outstanding experience and knowledge. We know that each achievement is based on our team’s efforts, so we are also thankful to our colleagues for helping us to develop the company.

Today we have a state-of-the-art professional workshop with over a decade of experience, and we love to be creative. We are always full of ideas, and so in addition to orders, we have begun to design our own product lines. We are delighted that the first products that we nurtured in our workshop are polished and available to you.

Thank you for spending some time in learning about us and visiting our WiseMakers store. You are more than welcome to visit us again!