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The home environment always becomes much more pleasant when household items are organised. One way to do this easily and conveniently is to store your belongings in a storage basket.
If you manage to find a visually beautiful and elegant-looking basket, then it is also a cozy interior decor that complements the surrounding environment.

The openwork rhythm of the lines ingeniously and playfully refreshes the mood of the home interior or public space.

The Basket collection includes 4 sizes of deep baskets and 2 sizes of shallow baskets.

Large and deep baskets are great for storing laundry, towels, blankets or bath items, but in the smaller ones you can organise bathroom and cosmetic accessories, but also stationery, cutlery or anything else you can think of.
Available in 3 colors and all treated with a water-resistant antiseptic coating.

Shallow baskets are great kitchen organisers for storing food.
You can store vegetables, fruits, herbs or pastries in them. They are breathable, available in 4 colors and all treated with a food-safe coating.


The shape has a multifunctional applicability.
You can beautifully match the basket with any size of the pots from our Plant pot collection or with lamps from the Lighting collection.
Simple and practical.